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Offline state bundles - CD, MP3 Player, USB Bundles

Many states allow us to offer offline bundles that give you the ability to take our CLE courses on the go (even without an internet connection). These bundles are great for people who are mobile, have long commutes, don't have access to a reliable internet connection, or those who just prefer something physical. 

We offer three types of offline bundles: Audio CD, MP3 Digital Player and USB Memory Stick bundles. 

Audio CD:  Listen to the CDs on your home stereo, car stereo, computer, or any other portable CD device.

MP3 Digital Player: The CLE courses are pre-loaded onto an easy to use digital MP3 player. Simply plug in the included headphones, turn on the player, and start listening to your courses.

USB Memory Stick: The USB stick comes pre-loaded with both audio and video courses. Plug the USB stick into any USB port on your computer or tablet to watch or listen to your courses.

Once you have completed the courses you will need to login to our site to let us know you completed the courses and get certificates of completion. Many states require that we verify that you completed the course. All of our offline courses have embedded numeric codes in them. Please write down these numeric code numbers. If your state requires verification, you will need the code numbers to obtain your certificates of completion.

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